The quest for clarity with respect to your personal injury lawyer marketing can be a surprisingly tricky one. Most business advisors will tell you that you need clarity in order to achieve a goal. This principle was probably most famously stated in Steven Covey’s bestseller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey devised the memorable slogan, “Begin with the end in mind.”

But finding and maintaining clarity for your marketing is often anything but intuitive. Here are three questions to ask yourself to help you gain insight into what might be holding you back—and what forces you might be able to apply to reach your goals quickly:

Question #1: What marketing goals are you really, truly trying to achieve?
Get as specific as possible. Use numbers to establish definite yardsticks for success. For instance, don’t make your goal something like, “I want a lot of new clients by the end of the year.” Instead, set a goal along the lines of, “My firm will have 15 new clients by the end of the year.” And even that may not be specific enough. For instance, not all new clients are worth the same to your firm. Some may pay more than others; some may consume more firm resources than others. So you might make your goal even more specific: “By the end of the year, I will have 15 marquee clients.”

Question #2: What specific “stuff” do you need to reach that goal?
Once you’ve defined the “end in mind” that you are trying to reach, your job then becomes to work backwards to figure out what you need to make that goal a reality. Dig deep. Your first intuitions may be based on unnecessary assumptions. For instance, you might assume that you will need to launch a big TV and video ad blitz to reach your numbers, since that’s the way many professionals in your market do it. At this stage, you really need to “think outside of the box” and figure out what needs to come first, what needs to come second, what needs to come third, and so forth to reach your goals.

Question #3: How can you get away with doing the least amount of work possible?
This is a critical question to ask, and you should ask it not just once but many times along your journey towards your goal. What can you leave out and still reach your goal? Economizing your resources forces you to become more innovative. By focusing on doing the least amount of work possible, you will no doubt surprise and delight yourself by inventing unique solutions to your attorney marketing problems.

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