You’ve spent so much time and money on your law firm’s website—you’re just not ready to start over from scratch. That’s fine—in fact, you may not need to.

These three tiny changes could make a big difference in your law firm’s online presence:

  • Header. Still using a block logo or other picture at the top of your main page? Not only are these boring to look at, but also they are not optimized for search engines—doubly hurting your web marketing efforts. Try a Q&A section, a live chat box, or a YouTube video of yourself addressing a problem: any one of which will be more interactive and attention-grabbing than your firm’s name.
  • Style. Have a friend (one who isn’t an attorney) read through your website copy. Tell her to imagine a specific situation: she has been denied an insurance claim, or needs a divorce lawyer. She found your site—not as your friend, but as someone who needs help. Does the content address the client’s needs? Does it provide several ways to contact you? Or do you just tell them how qualified you are and what schools you attended?
  • Optimization. In order to get readers to your site, you will have to know a little bit about search engine optimization. This means that all of your headlines, titles and copy should have keywords that will rank your site highly on search engine pages. However, you can’t just cram keywords onto a page—search engine robots are getting more and more adept at ferreting out these kinds of pages. All content should be reader-friendly, interesting, and have enough keywords to be relevant.

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