You read our article, "Building A Successful Legal Website: The Importance Of A Follow-up Campaign" and were convinced that an attorney newsletter should be an important part of your law firm marketing campaign. You sat down to work on the newsletter, drew a blank. How do you get started?

Great Legal Marketing can help. Here are three ideas for newsletter articles:

1. Write the answers to the questions that your clients are most likely to ask. Think of questions your clients often ask during the initial consultation. You should also ask your secretary or paralegal if they get questions. Answer these questions or use them as starting points for longer articles.

2. Introduce your staff through your newsletter. Your secretary or receptionist is the first person a new client will meet. In fact, a client will probably interact with your whole team. Build trust by letting potential clients get to know your staff.

3. Give practical tips. Most people rarely deal with attorneys or step foot inside a courthouse. A potential client may wonder what to bring to the initial consultation. A client with a court date may wonder where to park, and whether they get breaks for lunch. People appreciate knowing what to expect.

Learn more about newsletters in our Free Webinar, "Getting the Cases You Want Using Your Practice Newsletter." No time to write a newsletter? We can write your newsletter for you. Contact Nicole at Great Legal Marketing at 717-824-6553.

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