Three Ways to Find Ideal Clients with Your Personal Injury Marketing

Almost every new attorney will bend over backwards in order to bring in new clients. However, those who have been in business over a year are no longer wondering how to get personal injury clients; they’re wondering how to get the types of injury cases they actually want.

The truth is, there are only three things you need to bring in the customers you wish to serve:

  • A clear vision of your perfect client. How can you reach out to your ideal customer if you’ve never really though about who he or she is? Sit down, take out a sheet of paper, and describe your perfect client or case. Be as specific as possible—the details are vital to your marketing campaign.
  • Marketing that reaches ONLY your perfect client. Now that you know who you’re looking for, you can determine where to look. Where does your ideal client shop? What are his interests? What is he afraid of? Avoid answers that are too general—you want to appeal to a very small demographic.
  • Persistent communication of your vision to your staff. You’ve made the decision to only take cases from a specific subset of customers; now you must commit to it. Hold a meeting to tell your staff about the new direction you’re going in, and involve them in your new marketing strategy.

Too many attorneys are worried that marketing to an ideal client will hurt their business. What they don’t realize is that refusing to take the cases they don’t want allows them the time and energy to serve those whose cases are directly in their area of expertise.

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