I'm going to be putting together a six-part series of blogs on time management over the next few days. So stay tuned each day for new tip. Here's the first one on goals.

What are your goals? Pretty big question, right? You’ve got goals in your professional life, your personal life, every aspect of life you have goals. You have to or what would be the point. If someone says they don’t have a goal in something they’re wrong and just haven’t thought about it enough. Goals, either conscious or subconscious, exist in everything. And they can be big or small, long-term or short-term. The great thing about goals is that YOU set them and they can be as ambitious or un-ambitious as you let them. Goals are great but they have one shortfall. They have a propensity to get neglected in day-to-day life. People set goals but then they see them as a far off thing, something that can be put off until tomorrow because such and such an issue is perceived to be more pressing. Do not let things that matter least take precedence over the things that matter most. Set your goals accordingly. Click here for rest of this post.
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