You can learn a lot from other professions when you stop thinking of them as "not a lawyer" and more as "another successful business". I draw parallels between my law firm and other professionals all the time when it comes to how we market ourselves and run our law firms. 

Recently, I've been thinking about rock stars and how their business of providing entertainment to their fans is very similar to how we operate as lawyers. They perform, their fans enjoy, their fans buy their album and merchandise and both the band and the fans benefit. As lawyers, we do much the same; we market our services, litigate a case effectively, our client gets compensation (and promotes us to their fans, family, etc.), and we all benefit.  

There are a few other areas that rock stars and lawyers have in common when running a successful business. A few tips to capitalize on these commonalities include: 

Tip 1 - Hook your client-fans with clever advertising and legal marketing strategies designed to appeal to their interests and needs. If you're not marketing to your potential clients, who are you marketing to?

Tip 2 - Remember your client-fans are your livelihood. Just like rock stars can't make more albums and afford to tour without fan support, no law firm ever survived without a good base of clients to generate income and more public notoriety.

Tip 3 - Give your ideal client-fans the time they deserve. Don't waste your time on cases that won't bring in the kind of revenue they should, or with clients that are more headache than they're worth. If you employ good legal marketing strategies, you'll be able to hand pick the clients and cases that will put your time and resources to the best use for the amount of return you receive.

Tip 4 - Everything must serve a purpose. Don't just try some new form of legal marketing because everyone else is doing it. Make sure all you do to promote your law firm is done appropriate to your style. If you're not the Twitter type, don't try it just because it's the new hot trend. Stick to what's good for your law firm and avoid unnecessary legal marketing. 

It may sound sort of far-fetched at first when I compare lawyers to rock stars, but in the world of lawyer advertising, inspiration comes from everywhere. Becoming a legal marketing rock star isn't so absurd when you think about how both professions gain success all based on their clients. 

At Great Legal Marketing, we focus on saying NO to ineffective traditional lawyer marketing. We seek out new strategies to market to our ideal clients in ways they'll actually respond to. So, how do you get started? Get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

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