Victims of personal injuries are often frustrated and hurting. They may feel like many of the people involved in their case are ignoring or trying to take advantage of them. Getting into the headspace of your personal injury prospects may be challenging, but it means far more effective marketing. 


Today’s quality prospects are researching their options, not looking to be marketed at. Pulling up an article on the nature of their injury or potential liability in their case only to be blasted with an obvious sales pitch in the first couple lines will send them right back to Google.


Make the body of every piece you write deliver on the promise of the headline and summary. Save the sales pitch for the very end, after the reader has received the information they were searching for. A few tips about effective end tags:

  • Convey the information in a few sentences, keeping the tag under a hundred words.
  • Use personal injury key phrases that reflect your firm’s practice area (in layman’s terms) and geographic location.
  • Include your firm’s name, telephone number, a link to corresponding practice area on your site, and any relevant media your firm offers.
  • Always affirm taking action as soon as possible, with words like “now,” “today,” or “immediately.”


This way, transmitting your contact information will feel less like recruiting them for your services and more like empowering the potential client to take control of the situation.


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