There are several reasons to send out emails from a law firm. It’s incredibly important to keep your past, current, and potential clients up-to-date with what’s happening in your firm. You want to stay fresh in their minds when they decide to look for a lawyer or refer one to a friend or family member. You probably have relevant information for them and for your community, regardless of their current need of legal assistance.

Emails from your office, then, are an essential way to promote your law firm. That purpose is frustrated if recipients delete your messages without reading them, or if they are routed to a spam folder. Here are some ways to ensure that the recipients actually open and read your emails:

  • Write a compelling subject line. This is the most important part of the process of getting people to read the email. Why would they open and then read an email that they think has no relevance to them in any way? It’s an email from a law firm, what could it be? But since you have important information about their situation, their community, or their areas of interest, you do have something specifically for them. Make sure the subject lets your recipients know your communication matters to them.
  • Pace the frequency of emails. If you send potential clients something every day, they will never read anything. If it’s once or twice a month, they will more likely give your message the benefit of the doubt.
  • Watch the subject line length. A longer headline might not be the best way to attract attention, but if you need to squeeze more in there, be sure that you’re not going over the maximum character limit. This ensures that your entire message is included and won’t be cut off. 
  • This is no time to forget spelling and grammar. This should speak for itself! Look professional, and get more looks. 

These are some ways to modify a subject line to increase the chances of potential clients opening an email, which is a great way to keep in contact with the community.

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