What good is a lawyer marketing blog if your readers don’t become clients? Your blog is a critical part of your law firm marketing strategy and should be used to turn readers into paying clients. Tips for doing just that are found in this post.

To Make Blog Readers Pick Up the Phone and Call Your Law Firm, Consider:
  • Writing Targeted Posts. Write about what matters to your audience and your targeted demographic. Make sure your posts are short, focused, and contain appropriate keywords.
  • Provide Specific Actions or Tips for Your Readers.Give your readers specific steps they can take to help themselves or find out more information.
  • Share Useful Information. You can even provide useful legal tips. Don’t worry, you can describe how to set up a trust or file a personal injury case and many of your readers will still contact you as the expert rather than try to do it themselves.
  • Allow Comments. Create an online community by allowing questions and discussion.

Need More Help with Your Attorney Marketing Plan?

A lawyer marketing blog is an important part of your lawyer marketing strategy, but it should not be the only part of your marketing plan. If you are a small law firm with an existing website and are serious about improving your legal marketing strategy, please contact us at 703.591.9829. We also invite you to read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book, available on our website.
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