Tracking Clients with Web Addresses and Contact Forms

You may only have a single website, but you can link multiple Web URLs to that site. Why would you want to do this? Each URL generates analytic data that lets you know how many visitors are using that address to get to your website. By using unique addresses on your individual lawyer advertising methods you can see which ones are being used most frequently.

If you run multiple websites, you should have multiple contact forms. While it's great that your clients are using the forms and being added to your legal marketing database, you should also be using this data to track the response to your unique lawyer advertising methods.

Web forms have to be named in order to be functional, so when your webmaster is building your site, make sure they allow for each form to be uniquely identifiable. Then make sure your client database tracks where each new contact comes from. This way you can see which forms are being effective and which are not.

Analyzing the response you get from each individual act of legal marketing is important to be able to increase the efficiency of your overall plan. My article on tracking your legal marketing success has more tips on ways to track your response and why it's an important step to getting to legal marketing stability.  

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