Tracking telephone numbers are special toll-free numbers you can strategically place in your advertising. Using different numbers in different types of advertising will offer you some critical insight into which personal injury attorney marketing mediums are providing the strongest return.


True tracking telephone numbers will generate detailed reports for each of your incoming calls. This is an essential feature that will help you:

  • sort out redials;
  • allow you to track the performance of each individual market medium;
  • find out where in the market interested parties are calling from;
  • determine which of your practice areas are getting the most attention; and
  • give you a sense of how many calls result in new personal injury clients.


Once upon a time, you could only purchase tracking telephone numbers through Yellow Page representatives, but they’re now available through several firms.


Used alone, tracking telephone numbers will help you evaluate:

  • How much of a conversion rate you are seeing from your current personal injury lawyer advertising
  • What mediums are working best for you
  • What needs work
  • Next quarter’s advertising budget

Used with call recording and direct client feedback, it will give you an incomparable edge in client service.


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