You’ve created a pay-per-click ad campaign and website that you are proud of and that you trust will further the goals you have set for your law firm. However, sometimes trust is not enough. The rules of the Internet change daily and it is important to continually analyze your bankruptcy law firm marketing plan to make sure that is furthering your goals and providing a good return on investment.

Three Tracking Tools That You Should Have in Place Before Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Begins

Before your first ad goes live, learn how to:
  • Analyze conversion. You need to know how many people are requesting free reports, watching videos, or contacting you through your website as a result of your pay-per-click ad.
  • Use Google Analytics. You will be able to determine how many people are visiting your site, how long they are staying, and other useful information — all for free.
  • See how well your keywords are working. Free tools also exist for analyzing keywords so that you can be sure that you are maximizing your law firm advertising budget and converting as many potential clients as possible by attracting them with the right keywords.

Get Even More From Your Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing

Even if your pay-per-click ad campaign is doing everything that you want, it should be just one part of multifaceted approach to your bankruptcy law firm marketing plan. To learn more about pay-per-click ad campaigns and other successful bankruptcy law firm advertising ideas, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and call our law firm marketing consultants directly at 703.591.9829.
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