Traits You Won’t Find in Successful Business Leaders

The seminars and mastermind groups I operate through Great Legal Marketing, focus a great deal on the traits that are shared by successful business leaders and the strategies employed by entrepreneurial lawyers.

And while it's important to think, talk and learn about what make those great minds tick, it's also important to understand what isn't happening inside the brain of someone who is enjoying financial and business wealth and independence.

We can refer to these as the traits you won't find in successful business people. Or, better yet; the entrepreneur's "turn offs." These turn-offs include: 

  • Excuses. Lawyers who crave success will swear-off excuses for failure and whole-heartedly give up any justification for mediocrity. 
  • Accepting limitations. An attorney who wants to become the preeminent legal mind in his or her field will not feel constricted by the supposed confines of education, experience or background. Just because someone doesn't have the "right" diplomas hanging on the wall doesn't mean they can't operate a wealth-building enterprise.  
  • Closed minds. Successful business leaders aren't interested in keeping on blinders and shutting out those ideas and people that they don't understand or that are challenging and maybe even a little scary. An entrepreneur understands that an open mind breeds success
  • The old way of doing things. A leading attorney is an innovator in the field. If this leaves you thinking; "How do you innovate in the field of law? We're not supposed to do that!" then you have come to the wrong place.  

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