Attorneys engaging in legal marketing face a major obstacle: how do they earn the trust of clients when there is so much public distrust for the legal profession? Unfortunately, we have all heard the stories of over billing and fraudulent practices in the legal field. Now more than ever, clients try to educate themselves rather than consult an attorney. Access to information is readily available and many want quick answers. When public perception of attorneys is so poor, how can a law firm earn the trust of clients?


  1. Focus on educating the client rather than selling. Clients are leery of traditional attorney marketing strategies that are built around sales. Trust follows naturally when the client sees value in the information they are learning from the lawyer.

  2. Build personal relationships with clients. Trust forms when a client feels that the lawyer truly cares about them on a personal, not just professional, level.

  3. Avoid legalese. Communicating in easily understandable language helps the client understand the value in the information that you are sharing, building trust.

  4. Stress solutions and strategies rather than burdens and potential hurdles. Focusing on the negative may intimidate clients rather than build trust.

  5. Offer practical, efficient advice with clearly outlined potential outcomes, setting expectations up front.

  6. Set up easy to access, easy to navigate internet marketing tools that provide thoughtful information and inspire clients to interact. The law and internet go hand in hand.

  7. Keep accurate and up to date records of clients and prospects and continuously follow up with new and relevant educational materials.


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