Information is essential to attorney marketing. In many of our articles, we talk about the importance of providing relevant information on your website. Many attorneys tell us that coming up with content is difficult, but you already know what information potential clients are seeking. Think of the questions that new clients ask when they come to your office. These are the same questions that they have when they visit your website. Clients want to know if there is a solution to their problem and if you can help.


Fill your website with content that answers these questions. One easy way to do this is with a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. You can easily create an FAQ section on your website by answering the questions that you often hear from clients. This provides good information and good Google juice.


People use Google to look for answers. When a potential client goes to Google and types in their question, Google looks for the words closest to those in the search box. If a client types in "Should I plead guilty to my Virginia DUI?" and your legal website has an FAQ with the same question, you have a good chance of coming up at the top of their search.


You can create video, articles, and blog posts that answer these questions in more detail. So, the next time a new client asked a question, don't just answer it. Write the question down and use it in your law firm marketing.


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