Turning Tragedy into Action

One of the blogging strategies I see many personal injury attorneys use is reporting on local traffic accidents that they see in the newspaper and on TV. This is a great strategy for boosting your Internet presence by increasing your search engine ranking, but it's also a whole new world of legal marketing opportunity.

At face value, using the tragedy of others to generate search engine rankings sounds cold-hearted. But a good lawyer-entrepreneur will take this idea a step further. You should have a good idea of your local area and know the roads well enough to spot those trouble areas. Honestly, anyone who watches your local news stories for a few weeks could do that.

Once you identify a trouble area, such as a particular intersection that has a high volume of pedestrian accidents because there are no sidewalks, you should be the lawyer that takes action. You'll generate some great press for yourself when you start a campaign for pedestrian safety.

Your new legal marketing strategy can focus on your advocacy for sidewalks to help increase pedestrian safety. At first, you might think that this is just going to reduce the amount of potential cases you have, but in reality, it's getting your name out there as a concerned member of the community who just happens to be a compassionate, dedicated personal injury attorney.

Generating press and dealing with negative press are two things that most lawyers will have to deal with at one point in their legal career. You need to be prepared to turn any sort of press into good press, and it's all in your attitude toward the news piece. Don't let negative press intimidate you, and take every opportunity you can to generate press of your own and boost your legal marketing. 

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