Turning Your Website Into an Informational Resource

If you want your website to work as your No. 1 legal marketing tool, you need to make sure your website is doing everything possible to market you and your law firm to your perfect client.

Most lawyers' websites are nothing more than a nice photo of themselves or a court house and a few pages of content that don't give readers any real information about their legal concerns. This is not going to get your perfect client to contact you, let alone hire you.

At Great Legal Marketing, we stress the importance of turning your website into a marketing machine by using it as a tool to solidify your reputation as a legal expert and the most knowledgeable lawyer in your field. Branding yourself and your law firm as an informational resource is the best way to attract your perfect client.

As always, legal marketing should be a multi-pronged approach, so turning your website into the informational resource should include several legal marketing strategies, such as: 

  • writing, promoting, and providing free E-books, reports, consumer guides, and other useful information to your potential clients;
  • ensuring your website contains a full library of articles that discuss (in detail) the legal issues pertaining to the cases you want to handle. This doesn't mean 1 or 2 articles about personal injury law, but hundreds of Web pages that have all been search engine optimized for your perfect client; and
  • constantly adding new content to your website through blogs, articles, FAQs, and so on to keep your website in good standing with Google while also giving your perfect client a reason to keep coming back to your website, again and again.

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