Back in the Stone Age of television—from the invention of the medium until the late 1970s and early 1980s—people had a limited number of strategies for dealing with commercial breaks. If they didn't have a wireless remote, they would just sit in their armchairs and absorb the ads, volume and all—a truly captive audience. Or they might get up and go to the bathroom, fix themselves a snack, or even talk to family members during commercials, with the TV blaring in the background all the while.

Things have changed a lot in 30 years! Today, remote controls make it easy to mute your TV, or even turn it off entirely, during a commercial break—and with DVR technology, viewers can simply eliminate the commercials during playback. Going to the bathroom and grabbing snacks are still time-honored commercial-break activities, but today, viewers are increasingly likely to get up from their armchairs and sit at their computers, text friends on their smartphones, or waste time playing video games or fooling around with tablets.

The fact is that there are a lot more time-wasting activities today than there were a generation ago, and people are less likely to sit slumped in their armchairs while they experience the full brunt of a high-volume TV pitch.

How can you make your law firm stand out in this competitive landscape?

Well, you could abandon the idea of a TV advertising campaign, and focus exclusively on other media (radio, the Internet, billboards, and so on). Or you can meet the challenge head-on and craft a law firm TV advertising campaign tailored to the increasingly fractured attention spans of modern viewers.

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