Following legal industry norms is easy and safe and convenient—but is it good for your law firm and your life? Part of embracing a working attorney marketing plan and rediscovering life outside of work involves rejecting some common standards and thinking outside of the box. Recently, we discussed five industry beliefs that you should outright reject. Here are two more:

  • You aren’t working hard if you aren’t busy 24/7. It’s the mark of a good lawyer if he or she is constantly working, exhausted, and billing a million hours, right? Wrong. That’s a huge misconception. There is a way to have a successful legal business and still be home in time for dinner. You just have to choose it and work hard for it.
  • You should sign up a client immediately so he doesn’t go to the competition. Much of the fear that a client will go somewhere else after a consultation is unfounded. And even if he does—should you care? You need to get to a point in your practice where you are finding the ideal client and the ideal client is finding you. At that point, rushing to sign is no longer an issue.

We know: going against the grain and rejecting these commonly held beliefs is difficult. However, if you want to find success, step out of the crowd, and get noticed by your ideal client, you have to stop doing what everyone else is doing and look at marketing with fresh eyes and an open mind. We can help you get started. Call 888-791-2150 today to get in touch with the Great Legal Marketing team.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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