This week we have been discussing why online attorney marketing is different from marketing for other companies and organizations. Recently, we looked at how bar associations, local clients, lawyer stereotypes, and tough competition make it especially hard for law offices to find success when marketing on the Internet. Today, we will look at two more reasons attorneys face a special challenge when marketing their legal services:

  • Lawyers can be difficult to differentiate. Many businesses offer very different products and services, but law offices often offer the same set of legal services. More than that, each attorney is likely to offer the same free consultation and similar advice. While some attorneys are obviously better at their job than others, it can be extremely difficult to tell for new clients, especially with state bar advertising limitations.
  • Lawyer advertising is easy to ignore. Let’s face it: as soon as a law office attorney commercial comes on television, and as soon as you hear the phrase, “If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident…” you tune out. People are pummeled with advertising all day long—attorney advertising included. How do you make someone stop and listen? More importantly, how do you make your perfect client stop and listen?

Hopefully we are now on the same page: we agree that attorney marketing is challenging and that it’s hard to get noticed either in the real world or online. What should you do about it? Ben Glass has developed a strategy for lawyers to fight back against the difficulties of attorney marketing—all while improving their daily lives at the office and without sacrificing time at home. To learn more, download your free sample chapter of the Great Legal Marketing book from this website and contact his team today by calling 888-791-2150.

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