Despite the years of school and high cost of a law school education, the legal profession continues to be one of the most competitive industries in America. As a result, it is vital that lawyers do more with their attorney marketing than merely relying on their resume and legal license to win them business. Most competitors will choose the same techniques, listing the same generic information about their law firm as every other firm in the geographic area. It is essential to the success of a firm that they break away from this old fashioned mold.
Unfortunately, many attorneys view the process of venturing into a new, unfamiliar way of law firm marketing as being difficult, often due to the following factors:
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Difficulty breaking away from old habits
  • Fear of the financial investment
  • Uncertainty as to where to begin
  • Other attorneys criticizing the break from tradition
  • Fear of failure
While all of these fears are valid, they are also easily overcome if the lawyer recognizes the value of a unique, creative legal marketing plan. Once the change has begun, the attorney’s confidence will build as he or she sees the amazing results that stem from not being afraid to stand out in a crowd. In a sea of other attorney advertisements, if a law firm fails to stand out, it may never get noticed.
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