In the age of social media, human beings can interact and share with anyone—companies, friends, family, and employers—at all hours of the day at lightning speed.

The word “interaction” is key: customers are no longer content to simply read words on a page. All people and places in the world are at their fingertips, and when they have an opinion on something, they are going to let people know it.

What does this mean for your firm? It means that your clients’ word-of-mouth referrals have become a typed, printed conversation that anyone can stumble into, see, repost, and reply to. This could be the best thing to happen to your business—or the worst, depending on how you handle your online interaction.

Here are a few tips to promote your law firm and protect its reputation online:

  • Don’t talk down. In an age where celebrities can talk directly to their vans via their Twitter feeds, you can’t hand down information to your readers like a prophet on a mountain. All of your old communications that act as a monologue to an audience of readers must be rewritten (or thrown out altogether).
  • Avoid a knee-jerk reaction. Remember that reactions to everything you say will be instantaneous and widespread. One brusque comment can travel like a brush fire, tainting your readers’ opinion of your firm.
  • Don’t take too long. People are not used to waiting for anything anymore. Whether it’s an email response or a returned phone call, the maximum amount of time your clients should wait to hear from you is 24 hours. Luckily, many responses can be automated, giving you and your client the direct connection you need.

One last thing: while social media can certainly bring in more legal clients, it can also invite spammers, online “trolls,” and other negative publicity—things that must be dealt with quickly and gracefully. For more information on controlling your web traffic, call 888-791-2150 today or download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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