Your law firm’s website has a wealth of information, catchy headlines, and a number of ways for your customers to get in touch with you. But you still want to hedge your bets by putting an ad in the Yellow Pages to appeal to those not-so-tech-savvy folks. That’s great!

Or rather, it should be. However, too many attorneys who have spent hours on their online legal marketing campaign seem to forget everything they’ve learned about marketing when it comes time to writing a print ad. They go back to the familiar standard of “shouting” the law firm’s message (usually with a lot of exclamation points), pressuring the reader to call immediately.

All of your legal marketing efforts—whether they’re online, in a phonebook, or on the side of a bus—should have the same goals:

  • Attract your readers’ attention. Nobody will read what he can’t see. Be memorable.
  • Keep them interested. A headline can’t stand alone, so back it up with engaging content.
  • Provoke a response. Your entire strategy is to get the customer to start the conversation with you by raising his hand to request more information.
  • Stop their search. When clients request information, they have essentially placed an order with you. Your CD, DVD, or book should be so engrossing that it fulfills their need for information—and stops their search for another attorney.

Remember: it’s not enough to simply make an offer to your readers—you must make an offer that is so irresistible that he is stopped in his tracks. Once he requests more information, your marketing package can go to work for you, leaving you to follow up a few days later.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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