Authors, poets and lyricists are all gifted with a way with words. In the hands of a good writer, even the most horrible of stories can be transformed into something compelling. This is something that many lawyers can attempt with their own legal marketing: spinning their profession into a unique selling proposition.

We all know what a personal injury lawyer does, but the general public sometimes views these types of lawyers as greedy ambulance chasers. In an attempt to put a positive spin on your profession, why not restate your purpose? When someone asks what you do, instead of responding "I'm a lawyer" why not try something more like:

"I investigate accidents where people are wrongfully injured, gather all the facts of their incident and injuries, and help them get compensation for their medical bills, wage losses and suffering."

Suddenly, you've got a unique selling proposition in that you're no longer an ambulance chaser; you're an advocate for the wronged.

Part of the problem with traditional legal marketing is that it's so bland and blunt. We know you are a lawyer, we know you want the case and we know we can call you now. All these stale lawyer ads say nothing new to set them apart from the others, and that's why they're ineffective.

You can be the breath of fresh air in the lawyer advertising in your area by not advertising that you're just a lawyer. Show that you're a human being, find your unique hook and use it to sell yourself as more than just another attorney. Check out my article which covers the finer points of developing your unique selling proposition and why it's so important to your legal marketing.

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