Using a Blog as Your Firm’s Spokesperson

Gone are the days when blogs were only used as a personal commentary. According to a recent article posted by The Wall Street Journal titled, "Companies Increasingly Look to Blogs as Spokesmen," some of the major corporations are looking to blogs to fill the roles of spokesmen.

Nearly one-third of Fortune 100 companies are using blogs nowadays. Corporations that refuse to directly comment to reporters are fielding questions this way, because it provides an avenue to give points of view without having to have a full conversation.

Why not follow the example of Fortune 100 companies and use a blog to make comments on current issues in your specialized practice area or industry? Instead of hiring a spokesperson or PR rep, you can use a blog to get your name out there and to try to capture the attention of reporters. Blogs are attractive to reporters because they are able to get their information faster and easier.

The Wall Street Journal article mentioned a recent blog by Southwest Airlines Co., which is a great example of how you can effectively use this form of marketing. The blog was titled, "Why Do They Hate Your Bags?" Readers were reminded that Southwest Airlines does not charge extra fees for the first two bags. The blog read, "Did anyone else see the news today about a competitor who wants you to pay more than $249 a year for your bags to fly? Did anyone else think it was an Onion article headline?"

You may be wondering at this point, what should I write in my blog? The answer is simple. Comment on something your competitor is doing, give your opinion on an issue that is related to your field or discuss a current event in the news. The idea is to get your name and, your company's name, out there.

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I also think people are less hesitant to post comments on blogs than on a company's website. For some reason blogs feel more informal or inviting if that's the right word.
by Alan Winograd November 3, 2009 at 12:09 PM
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