Law firm marketing campaigns involve a significant investment of your hard-earned resources. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns, it is vital that you continually educate all members of the firm on the evolving aspects of these strategies. This includes communications with potential and existing clients at all points of contact. The following is a list of helpful tips for utilizing continuing education as part of your personal injury attorney marketing plan:
  1. Involve all members of the law firm in the attorney marketing plan, which is likely continuously changing over time.
  2. Train all members of the law firm on the various programs that the firm offers, including new programs as they arise.
  3. Ensure that the firm members understand the different legal marketing tools so that they are aware of the best ways to respond given the specific tool that drove the potential client to contact the firm. Modify these responses as needed over time.
  4. Educate employees on how to communicate the law firm’s goals to potential and existing clients.
  5. Provide all members of the law firm with a checklist to cover during specific forms of communication, and regularly update this list.
  6. Implement a “script” or “steps” that you want employees to follow when communicating with potential and existing clients, and frequently update this script or steps.
  7. If training your own staff internally is too burdensome, consider consulting a legal marketing expert who can help.

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