Tracking the success of any aspect of an attorney marketing campaign is essential for ensuring that valuable advertising dollars are being spent in the most effective places. Google AdWords is another free tool that can help monitor the usefulness of a webpage. The following are tips about what this tool can do for your law firm advertising plan. 
  1. Tracking reports, which measure the performance of various pay-per-click campaigns, can be scheduled to run automatically.
  2. Tracking reports can be delivered to your email address on a routine basis for ease of use.
  3. Users have the option of viewing the information obtained by AdWords directly on the webpage or in Microsoft Excel, where the data can be manipulated.
  4. AdWords offers placement, or keyword, reports that outline the performance of the attorney’s keywords over a specified time period. The attorney can view the cost of the words, the conversions tied to the word, and the subsequent cost-per-conversion.
  5. AdWords offers ad performance reports that can analyze the performance of the law firm advertisement text, with the ability to pause ads that are not doing well.
  6. AdWords provides a URL performance report that analyzes the performance of the law firm’s landing pages. This allows the firm to determine which landing pages are the most successful.

To ensure that your firm is utilizing the very best marketing for lawyers, it is important to recognize the need for proper tracking and monitoring. To learn more, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829. 
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