Using Local Interests to Generate Lawyer Advertising

The lesson I'm about to impart to you came to me while I was watching the inches of snow pile up outside my window during one of our typical northeastern blizzards last year. I was sitting at home, snowbound as with most Virginians, when I received an email advertising VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

Normally this is junk email that I delete after a single glance, but something drew my attention. The advertisement was talking about the very snowstorm that was currently keeping me away from my office! The ad talked about how bad weather can cancel your commute, and VoIP technology can help you work from home when you're snowbound.

I wasn't in the market for VoIP service for my home or office, but I still read through their whole advertisement just to see what they were talking about. They did something great with this ad campaign: they took an unrelated hot topic (the snowstorm) and related it to their business (VoIP service). During the winter, weather is usually the discussion topic of choice, and most Virginians are much more apt to read a story about a snowstorm than they are about VoIP service.

When developing your lawyer advertising it's important to focus on playing to the interests of your local market. Know the hot topics around your area and develop your legal marketing around them. Part of your niche marketing strategy is that you connect to the local community and show you're the right lawyer in the right place that understands the needs of your local clients. 

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