Your law firm’s website is optimized, content-rich, and online. You’ve got video, and irresistible offers, and a team of people waiting to take the calls that will be coming in. Now all you need is the right marketing campaign to bring people to your website, getting them at the beginning of a pipeline that ends with hiring you.

Our legal marketing consultants bring you the bald truth about marketing: the most trusted and valued information comes from someone you know. This information used to come by way of word-of-mouth or a phone call, but is increasingly shifting into email, instant messages, and finally into the widely-connected world of social media.

Social networking sites were created to promote sharing. This began as a way to share photos, comments, and interactions with people you know, but has since expanded into sharing anything, with anyone, anywhere. Working within the parameters of each site, you can tailor your marketing message to appeal to your ideal client no matter which site he is using.

Here are a few things to remember when marketing your law firm on:

  • Facebook. This is likely to be the most informal of your marketing platforms. People talk in their normal voices, making their thoughts available to everyone who sees them. While this is an inexact method of presenting information, it has the benefit of being 100% honest: no one on Facebook is going to recommend you unless they truly believe in you, and that recommendation will therefore carry more weight. Always speak in the voice you would use when talking to a client that you enjoyed working with.
  • LinkedIn. Consider this site to be Facebook for business: people can recommend past colleagues for positions and employers can read resumes of potential hires. Users can send messages using the platform (some frequent employers prefer it), so make sure your inbox directs to your email so you never miss communication.
  • Twitter. Twitter is most effective for mobile phone users: an on-the-go crowd that likes short, constant updates. Keep your messages simple, and make sure to point readers to your website for more information.

The important thing to remember about social media is that people will believe what their “friends” tell them—even if they have never met their friend in their life. It is vital that you protect and enhance your online presence at every opportunity, never letting a bad word go unchallenged.

Find out more about legal marketing with social media by calling 888-791-2150 today, or click the link on this page to download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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