Obstacle: Television spots are extremely short, averaging only 30 seconds. That’s not enough time to explain what my firm even does, much more get a prospect invested.


Advantage: Time restraints can help you get to the heart of your message. No preamble, no post-script: you’ve got to get in and get out with the most important thing you want to say. Sure, that’s going to mean a lot more effort going in than working from a prefab script, but it’s a big opportunity for creating something memorable.


Obstacle: There are so many personal injury law firm television spots already running on my local stations. People think we’re all the same.


Advantage: All the more opportunity to learn from the competition’s mistakes and ultimately distinguish your team from the crowd with a well crafted, carefully targeted script. Prove you are “not the same as everyone else” with effective branding.


Obstacle: But aren’t we supposed to invest everything in our website and the books that we publish? I don’t have any more time or money left for television!


Advantage: Think of your personal injury television spots as a recruitment tool, through which you can attract the interest of potential clients who wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about taking action on a personal injury case. However, it is possible that you aren’t getting enough out of small law firm TV spots to make it worth the investment. Because of this, you should always have feedback systems in place to track results.


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