Verizon's Newest Gimmick

The Verizon reps are in the area. In this Northern Virginia area, the attorney ads have been listed under "Lawyers."

Now, big surprise, they are opening an "Attorney" section near the front of the book. Before you reach for your wallet, apparently you have to buy a display ad in the "Lawyers" section in order to be 'allowed' to buy a display ad (at a heavy discount) in the attorney section.

All media can and does work. Its usually the message that isn't very good. I don't care how much money you spend in Yellow Page advertising, if the best you can think to say is "Personal Injury... Free Consultation... No Fee if No Recovery and (my favorite)..We Care For You... then you are taking a huge risk.. your marketing is no better than saying "HEY, Look at Me!"
Ben Glass
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