A blog can be a dangerous temptation—especially if you're bored, frustrated, or in the grips of some intense emotion that can only be discharged by telling a complicated story at great length. This is the reason that 95 percent of the millions of blogs out there have zero, or only a handful, of readers—no one is really interested in hearing about the excruciating personal details of your day!

Lawyers, no less than other professionals, are subject to this temptation. The difference is that the lawyer marketing blog on your law firm's website is very different from the blog kept by the average disgruntled teenager: it's a marketing tool meant to attract potential clients, not a way for you to below off steam to no one in particular. When a person lands on your site, he wants to see actionable blog entries, along the lines of “The Most Common Mistake People Make When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits.” What he doesn't want to see is a blog about your recent divorce settlement, or that exceptional round of golf you had the other day!

If, after a long day of work, you feel the need to unwind by recounting your experiences for all to read, there's a very simple solution: set up a private account with any one of the dozen blogging platforms out there, and leave your law firm out of it. (You don't necessarily have to use your own name, if you fear that people searching for your law firm will find your personal blog; you can easily avail yourself of a pseudonym.) Your friends will thank you, your family will thank you, and above all, your existing and potential clients will thank you.

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