Sometimes it really is in your best interests to lay all your cards on the table with a prospect. 

Take this, for example: there is a surprising number of people out there in the world who are only going realize they need your services once they are given all the down-and-dirty details of how they can do your job on their own.

Especially in the case of personal injury attorney marketing, you’ll find a lot of potential clients who start out thinking they can handle a case without needing to spend money on a lawyer. Ignorance can be a hefty enabler in these circumstances: it’s easy to think you can do something when you’re only operating on assumptions.

Sometimes people need to be taught that they aren’t experts. How do you do that? By explaining what being an expert actually entails.

If you teach a quality prospect what he needs to do in order to successfully handle a personal injury lawsuit, more often than not he’s going to realize that he will be doing it at a disadvantage that will cost him time, effort, and a potentially diminished outcome. Couple this realization with educational copy that shows what a knowledgeable expert you already are, and your prospect is as good as sold.

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