We Have Easily Recouped Our Investment

It's just so funny how those big companies (and their ad agencies) think about justifying the cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time. For $3.8 million, you'd think the buyer would want to know whether they actually sold any more cars, chips or cookies.


That would put way too much pressure on the ads, wouldn't it? Might even be embarrassing for the ad agency and the board room executives who approved the massive expenditures.

So here we have Steve Cannon, chief executive of Mercedes-Benz USA, being quoted in Monday's Wall Street Journal:

"...we have easily recouped our investment." After spending "8 figures" for ad time, the company figures ROI (return on investment) by calculating that they got $20 million in "free media coverage."

Hopefully that's not the way you calculate the investment you make in your law firm marketing budget. Last I looked, you can't take "free media coverage" to your bank and get a receipt for it. But, that is the way big dumb companies look at advertising. It's all about "getting your name out there," the very antithesis of smart.

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