Developing a presence on the internet is an essential aspect of lawyer marketing. In today's social media crazed society, incorporating the use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a vital part of web marketing. Many lawyers, however, mistakenly view these platforms as exclusively for social and personal uses. Below is an overview of how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have professional attorney marketing uses as well.



Facebook currently has over 800 million users. Law firms should set up a fan account to show a different, more personal side of the law firm that is not shown on the firm's website. Attorneys can post photographs and videos of law firm functions and events. By encouraging clients and potential clients to "like" the page, it shows the public that the law firm is supported in the community.



Twitter currently has approximately 175 million registered account holders. Users post brief messages of 140 characters or less. A law firm can use Twitter to talk about and link to things that matter to its target group of potential clients. The firm should also follow its clients and potential clients as a means of staying in contact and showing support.



LinkedIn currently has approximately 100 million users. This site allows law firms to create a company profile. The individual employees of the firms can also create their own pages and link back to the firm. This allows friends and colleagues of each of your employees to click through and learn a little more about your law firm.


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