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One of the huge advantages that small firms have over the large firms is that we believe in the Internet.  I've heard several big firms in big cities say that the Internet is something that is "coming."  The big firms generally don't have a system for getting their websites well placed in Google and they are lost at the whole idea of using the Internet to collect names for the herd and marketing back to them.

This is the key... we can compete by continuing to cultivate the group of people who already have given us permission to market to them.  Be interesting and "remarkable."

Using tools like Tom Foster's "DSS" or Tom Young's www.InjuryBoard.com backed by a CRM software such as Infusion (www.Infusionsoft.com) will do two things.  First, it continually will separate you from other small firms in your ability to be nimble, responsive, and a "personality/celebrity" to your herd.  Second, it helps you to battle with the mega-firms that are willing to spend anything to get a new client, but usually fall flat on their faces to cultivate the clients they already have to be "evangelists."

I also talk frequently with my Internet friends about the "next great thing."  It's here and it's Internet Video.  Check out www.Rapplaw.com and www.BenGlassLaw.com.
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