Not everyone was born to be a web designer. It can take long hours behind a keyboard before you feel comfortable building your legal practice website—time you most likely don’t have.

Like most attorneys, you’re probably far too busy to tweak fonts and photo sizes on your webpage; you just want to write your post and get back to your practice. However, this leads to a lot of missed opportunities to make an impression (or at least a good impression) on your clients.

Here are a few law firm website problems that are sure to send clients clicking away:

  • Dark pages. White text on a black background may look like a way to set your site apart: after all, nobody else is using it. Unfortunately, that’s because it causes eyestrain and headaches—a surefire way to get customers to close the page.
  • Flashing ads. These ads sure get the reader’s attention, but not in a good way. Beware of animated text, color-changing ads, or glittering effects: they’re usually more annoying than appealing.
  • Hard-to-read pages. If you’re new to making a legal blog or home page, you’re in the running to make some rookie mistakes. Always preview your pages before making them live, and check them from a different computer to make sure they are clear, readable, and have easy-to-navigate menus for your customers to get exactly what they want in as few clicks as possible.

Of course, a great-looking site is just the beginning. Your customers will want clear and informative content on every page if they’re going to take you on. Luckily, we’ve got thousands of tips on how to achieve it.

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