The Internet. It's a vast and churning sea of information, with few reliable maps to guide someone to the islands of hard facts they seek.

The trick for successful legal marketing online is get the right information to the right people, and attract potential clients to your site from the sea of thousands available on the Internet. The good news is that you’ve attracted people to your website through a great ad online, through the Yellow Pages, by a good recommendation, or through blind luck.

Now, the trick is to keep the future clients on your website. Why? Because studies show that people who spend the longest time looking at the content on your law firm website are the most likely to become your clients. You want these people to linger a while—and, ideally, to tell you who they are.

One of the best ways to get contact information from a potential client is to offer free information through a packet, book, or DVD. After that, they could leave, and you could contact them later and all is well and good. But why not just keep them hooked now?

There are four basics types of informational resources you can post online, including library articles, blogs, FAQs, and news articles. You can provide more information to clients through these articles and they will love you that much more. So what do you put in these articles? You’re not getting paid to just shovel out information, are you? But that’s what the people want, and you should give it to them.

Through these different types of articles you can provide information on anything related to your practice areas and anything potential clients might be interested in. Are you a DUI lawyer in Texas? Write about state laws on blood alcohol levels, recent car accidents, how bars can be responsible for over-serving patrons, anything related to alcohol, cars, or the combination of the two. They’ll keep reading, they’ll keep seeing your name, and they’ll want to talk to someone soon.

The main idea is that people want information, you want clients, and potential clients will probably end up hiring someone they trust and who has already worked for them for free! And that’s you, based on the information you’ve already given them with no pressure whatsoever. Aren’t you grand?

For more information on creating content for legal websites and tips for successful legal marketing, contact Great Legal Marketing. You can speak with an assistant online, or on the phone by calling 888-791-2150. Please also take the time to download your free preview chapter the Great Legal Marketing book by law firm promotion expert Ben Glass.

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