Many lawyers have the same questions about legal marketing seminars. They, understandably, want to why this legal marketing seminar that they are considering is different, unique, and not a waste of time and money. Specifically, they want to know what happens at a legal marketing conference. We believe that is question worth answering.

The Day of the Conference
The agenda of each conference may be different and should be available to you before you hand over your credit card number to register for the seminar. For example, at our September 2011 rescue mission conference, we let participants know that the agenda would include:
  • What effective legal marketing really is.
  • The results of lawyers who have been using the Great Legal Marketing method for five years or more and how they got the results they did.
  • How to use the Internet effectively.
  • How to organize and install your marketing plan and follow up systems.
  • Understanding the first thing you need to do to get your marketing plan going and creating the rest of your plan
  • Ten low-cost and effective ways you can market your law firm.
  • Creating a 90-day attorney marketing plan.
  • Questions and answers with presenters and breaks with vendors.

Understanding the Agenda for Legal Marketing Seminars is Important
It is through the agenda that you can really tell if this the conference that is worth your time and money. We invite you to keep up to date on the Great Legal Marketing conferences we offer and we hope to welcome you to one in the near future.
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