What is a “herd” of fans, and why do I need one?

If you're a lawyer, or any other type of entrepreneurial business leader, you should make it your goal to grow and cultivate your herd of fans. This isn't something that will happen spontaneously, as if by some cosmic accident, where you wake up in the morning and suddenly your community realizes that they can't live without your services. It requires know-how and a careful strategy to develop brand loyalty and a great following, and I want to show you how to make it happen.  

Do you ever think about your consumer spending habits? No? Well, take a moment to consider the brands and service providers you always choose (and that you act as an advocate for) simply because you wholeheartedly believe in that brand's superiority above all others.

Let's say, for instance, you're particularly fond of the coffee sold at Starbucks. It's delicious, fast and you always have a great experience there. Even though you live across the street from an Einstein Bros. and there's a Dunkin' Donuts next to your office, you travel 5 miles out of the way every morning to get your tall latte from Starbucks because that's how much you love it.   

Your brand loyalty makes you a valuable part of Starbucks herd of fans. If you advocate for the brand-telling other people about how great it is or defending its products and services any time they are called into question-you could actually be considered a member of the herd of raving fans.  

This symbiotic relationship is win-win. You get great coffee and reliable, pleasant service, and Starbucks can rely on a steady stream of income and the promise of (free) positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Too many marketers will try to sell you on the importance of brand identity, but in the end, all they'll give you is an empty promise, or a worthless catchphrase and jingle. The strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, cut through the fluff and give you the real nuts and bolts of how to become a successful entrepreneur! Contact Great Legal Marketing today to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works. - (703) 591-9829

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