What is a marketing campaign?

Your marketing campaign is the overall scope of all your marketing efforts. It's not just the single ad in the Yellow Pages or your website, because those are cogs in your marketing campaign machine. Your marketing campaign in the basic sense includes: 

  • your client database;
  • your monthly newsletter;
  • your information packets/CDs/DVDs/e-books/guides;
  • your website;
  • your lawyer videos;
  • your social media accounts; AND
  • any other advertising methods (Yellow Pages, radio, etc).

These are all individual advertising venues or methods, not your entire marketing campaign. However, many of these methods work in tandem to perform the bulk of your marketing efforts. Your website lets your client order your e-book and in turn adds them to your client database. Or let's say a client becomes a fan of yours on Facebook. That client's friends see this and check out your website. They watch your YouTube video and decide they like you too, so they fill out your contact form and land their name in your database as well.

Notice how most everything leads back to your database? Yes, it's that important, because your database helps you in running a comprehensive, ethical and interesting legal marketing campaign, which I talk about a lot more in my article library. 

There's a lot more to learn if you want to build your practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider it a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business - (703) 591-9829.

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