What is the Easiest Way to Get a New Client?

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful, effective type of advertising there is.  People believe what they hear from those who they have the closest relationships with - people in their sphere of influence.  Nothing you could ever say about yourself, no matter how well you say it, can have as much impact and credibility as something a disinterested third party says about you.

 You can create, stimulate, and nurture word-of-mouth advertising, all for free.

There is a single, basic secret to stimulating a high rate of word-of-mouth advertising.  I first discovered the secret from studying the Disney companies.  Word-of-mouth marketing is taught there as "find ways to do what you do so well and so uniquely that your customers cannot resist telling lots of other people about you."  At the Disney parks, this principle is implemented in the forms of cleanliness and authenticity.  When first-time visitors are surveyed and asked what sticks in their mind most about their visit, the overwhelming answers are the cleanliness of the parks and authenticity of the environments.  Disney people think of cleanliness as marketing, not just maintenance.  That sort of commitment to something as basic as picking up trash creates a buzz when visitors go home and talk about their vacations.

 There's something like this in your practice too.  Find out what your clients say is most important to them in a lawyer, understand how it translates into real life and use it to stimulate word-of-mouth advertising.  You'll be surprised to hear that often, it's doing things that should be done anyways - and then make sure you're the lawyer who actually identifies them and makes the changes in your practice to stimulate word-of-mouth advertising.


-         Ben Glass


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