You pick up a pen from your dentist or an ice scraper from your mechanic and you may wonder whether your lawyer marketing could benefit from the use of promotional materials. Many law firm marketing campaigns could benefit from the use of promotional materials if they use the right promotional materials.

You Can Pick the Right Promotional Items for Your Target Audience

Your target audience is the type of clients you want to attract with your attorney marketing strategies. Once you identify your target audience, consider:
  • What types of items they use.
  • Whether they will use the items in public or share them with friends.
  • How often they will use the item.

For example, if you are a car accident lawyer, consider a promotional item that will be used in the car, such as keychain. If you practice medical malpractice law then perhaps you could provide a memo board with space for doctors’ numbers and emergency contacts that can be put up in the kitchen. The key to picking the right item is to make it useful so people don’t throw it out or forget about it.

Find Out More About Promotional Marketing and Other Forms of Lawyer Advertising

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