It might seem like choosing the right legal marketing consultant for your business is not that big of a deal. Instead of putting in the initial work to find the right law firm marketing consultant, you might just plan to switch consultants if things aren’t working out. 

That might not be the best approach. Instead, it is important to take the time to find the right small law firm marketing consultant when you first decide to hire someone or develop a comprehensive legal marketing plan. Otherwise, you might face unexpected troubles.

3 Things That May go Wrong if You Hire the Wrong Marketing Consultant

Consider the following consequences of hiring the wrong marketing consultant for your business. You may:

  • Lose money.
  • Gain a bad reputation.
  • Lose clients.

The legal marketing specialist whom you hire is going to be advertising your law firm. Other lawyers, judges, clients, past clients and potential clients (not to mention family and friends) may all see the marketing put out by the consultant. It is possible that if the marketing plan is truly off base from the needs of your law firm that you will not only be out the money that you paid to the consultant, but also suffer harm to your reputation and potentially lose clients and income.

How to Contact a Great Legal Marketing Consultant

You can avoid these problems by hiring an experienced law firm marketer at the beginning of your marketing endeavors. Please read a copy of our Great Legal Marketing book and call a legal marketing consultant directly at 703.591.9829 to learn more.

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