What should be said in a client testimonial?

As you go about asking clients to give testimonials to vouch for your great legal services, your clients may ask you what information to include. You should never give explicit instructions on what you want to hear, because that produces an unnatural, fake sounding testimonial. Instead, offer some guidelines on what you'd like to highlight.

Here are some questions you may want to offer to get their ideas flowing: 

  • Service - What did I do above and beyond your expectations?
  • Results -Were you satisfied? How has it helped your life following your settlement?
  • Personality - Were you comfortable working with me? Is there anything outstanding about my personality?
  • Choice - What ultimately made you pick my law firm? 

Remind them that anything from a short sentence to a small paragraph is great, nothing too wordy or elaborate. The emphasis here is on being concise rather than detailed. Also make sure you ask them to provide their signature, and if they don't mind, their title and company. The more information you include about the client giving the testimonial, the more credit it will have.

If asked what you're using their client testimonial for, be honest. You would like the opinions and reviews of great clients like them to be used in your legal marketing materials. Make sure you emphasize that you approached them because they were a great client and you enjoyed working with them - a little flattery goes a long way.

Client testimonials are a lawyer's best friend when it comes to improving your legal marketing. Getting the natural opinions from your actual clients not only lets your potential clients know you offer quality service, but also lets you know what you're doing right in your business. 

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