You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and a good deal of money into your online attorney marketing plan. Then, after all of the hard work you’ve invested, someone goes and leaves a terrible, negative, and harmful review on an online lawyer review site, like AVVO, Yelp, or Google. It comes up when people search for your law firm and it comes up when people search for attorneys in your area.

What do you do? Here’s an action plan:

  • Don’t try to get the comment removed. Except in exceptional cases, it is not worth it to make a huge deal of an Internet comment. The first thing attorneys often think of in these situations is to write a cease and desist letter and to threaten to sue. But it simply isn’t usually worth your time or effort.
  • Respond if possible. Many review sites now offer the option of responding to negative reviews and telling your side of the story. It may be a great tool, especially if you are dealing with a client who is angry over the results of his case, rather than angry about your professional behavior. Respond if you know that you were on the right side of the situation. In your response, be calm, fair, and professional.
  • Call your “herd” in to leave better comments. You have been working so hard to create a group of satisfied clients, fans, and enthusiastic supporters. This is why. A chorus of praise can easily drown out one nutty, isolated comment.

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