Well, obviously you will use your web marketing reports to continue the never-ending process of keyword phrase optimization. But there is a goldmine of information in those reports, if you know how to you get the most out of them.

You’ve been deeply entrenched in the continual-improvement process with your website for a while now; you’ve had a few dreams about browser summaries and failed request reports. There’s a possibility that you could be so focused on key phrase optimization that you aren’t quite seeing the forest for the trees: the ultimate purpose of why you are monitoring all of this information in the first place.

We’ll remind you: You’re doing it so you can make your website attractive to prospects and useful for your existing client base. In the end, it’s only direct contact with your firm that will convert a prospect to a client, but ideally, the marketing content on your website should do a lot of that work for you.

So all those numbers you see every month, week or hour? Step back and think of plugging them into these improvement efforts:
  • If a specific article or report is getting a lot of hits, create more articles or reports along those lines.
  • Scrutinize content that has a high bounce rate—it means a visitor pulled up an article but didn’t stick around to read it. That often happens because the page didn’t deliver on a visitor’s expectations. You might be able to revamp the content so the next visitor sticks around.
  • Always investigate failed request reports to make sure all your in-site links are correct and anyone linking to you off-site is up-to-date.

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