What To Do With Your List

You might belong to InjuryBoard or a similar body that drives plenty of leads to you; however, probably none of those leads already has a relationship with you that would get you to the top of their most trusted list.  Here are some ways you can move yourself up their lists to a prominent position and turn them into raving fans:


    • Every system in your office ought to be focused on making the first contact better than the potential client would ever expect.  Each one has to feel like theirs is the most important call you've taken all day, because, frankly it is - to them.  You want them telling their friends about that first experience.
    • Most of the leads do not turn into clients, and most lawyers think no more about them.  But, you're different.  You will get the name/address/e-mail address/phone number of everyone who calls.  Even if you turned down their case but gave them a great first contact experience, they will be delighted when they receive a package of interesting material from you in the mail.  Include special reports on topics that are important to them, information about you and your firm, general information about what it means to make a claim or "sue" someone after they are injured, or how to make their way through the minefield of dealing with insurance companies.

Once they have your information, you will have taken the second step in distancing yourself from the other lawyer advertising.


-         Ben Glass

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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