If you are practicing in a small law firm in a big city, you likely won’t have a lot of website readers at the time of your launch. It’s understandable; you’re not yet established, and your followers haven’t found you yet.

Think of social media as a Grand Prix race that anyone can enter. You may have a smaller car with less power than the competition, but you’re on the same track in front of the same giant crowd. You may have to use different tactics, but there’s no reason you can’t keep up with—or even overtake—the larger firms.

If done correctly, your law firm’s social media posts should:

  • Provoke responses. While your readers may not bother leaving a comment on your blog (especially if nobody else has), many won’t hesitate to “like” a Facebook update they agree with, prompting more readers to do the same.
  • Humanize your firm. One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it allows users to see local business owners as people, interacting with them on an even level. Letting your readers see you as a regular person with a family, hobbies, and likes and dislikes helps build a preference for you as an attorney (especially if your competition isn’t there yet).
  • Make sharing viral. These days, it’s not enough for readers to comment on a news story—they need their friends to know that they did. You can easily appeal to your readers’ need to share information with their friends, relatives, co-workers, and business contacts with one-click widgets that spread their activity (and your page link) to their connections.

Want to know how to get personal injury clients to your front door? Clever use of social media is just one tactic. Call 888-791-2150 today to learn more, or click the link on this page for your free chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

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