When You’re Ahead, Keep Building That Lead

There's an old football saying that the best defense is a good offence. It's similar to the fable The Tortoise and the Hare, and just one of many business lessons all around us. Just because you're winning doesn't mean you can slack off.

I say when you're enjoying running your successful law firm, don't just sit back and reap the benefits, keep finding ways to make it better and continue that success.

The future is unpredictable and only those who are adaptable to change and prepared for the unexpected are going to survive when a crisis strikes.
Things may be going great for you now, but with unknowns like the economy and law changes, you can't always guarantee that what's working well now will continue to work a few months from now.

The business lessons here include the concept of building on your success.
Prepare for that rainy day, that unexpected illness, or the sudden financial crisis. While everyone else is flailing about, you'll be secure with a buffer you built during the good times. You'll be able to focus on adapting to changes and rebuilding that success. Meanwhile, everyone who got too lofty in their success during the good times will be trying to keep afloat.

I recently read an article about the Under Armour company CEO Kevin Plank who had some pretty great business lessons to give. To continue the sports trend, a famous football coach once said "the best defense is to score another touchdown." When you're ahead, don't take it for granted. Keep going and make sure you're REALLY ahead; that way there's no fear of that rainy day shutting your law firm's doors. 

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